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Downturn in European panels production
According to data compiled by the European Panels Federation (EPF), production of wood-based panels in Europe reached 49.5 million in 2009, down 12% on the figure of 56 million in 2008. Output during 2009 was down 19% on the peak level of 61 million recorded in 2007.

Considering the main products, European output of particleboard declined 14% during 2009 to reach only 29.7 million cu.m. MDF/HDF reached 11.2 million cu.m last year, down 8.2% on the previous year. In contrast,European OSB output actually increased 9.1% to reach 3.6 million cu.m.
EPF’s 350 page annual report for 2009/2010 can be ordered by contacting the EPF.
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